About Us

In 2001, Magnetrol International, a staple in the level instrumentation industry, launched Orion Instruments in the heart of the industry-rich U.S. Gulf coast.  Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Orion has quickly become a globally recognized and respected manufacturer of high quality magnetic-based instrumentation.

At Orion Instruments, pressure is a privilege.  This is a motto we take to heart as we strive every day to be the best.  It's a pressure that we feel daily to build a quality product, satisfy our clients, and inspire our associates.

From a humble beginning as a start-up, to becoming a leading global brand, to our current location in our 50,000+ sq ft state-of-the-art facility, Orion Instruments is an amazing success story.  The pride and joy of this company is the employees. We couldn't have achieved half of what we have without the people inside this building.  With passionate employees, a determination to win, and a commitment to excellence, Orion Instruments will always be looking forward to turning the page to the next great chapter in an amazing story.  We hope you'll share it with us.



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