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Case Study: Accurately Measuring Level in a Molten Sulfur Pit

Not every level measurement application is straightforward. In some instances, the nature of the substance being measured creates a hostile measurement atmosphere requiring creative solutions. Without reliable instruments in these environments, the level measurement readings can be inaccurate and cause significant problems.

Magnetrol® produces a broad portfolio of level instrumentation designed to tackle tough challenges. This blog post shares the story of a company that found a reliable way to measure their most challenging application, a sulfur pit, using MAGNETROL instrumentation.

Application Challenges

A gas production company required an accurate level measurement in a molten sulfur pit. Previously, the company used a bubble system that required regular maintenance and recalibration to keep it operational. Obtaining an accurate level measurement is difficult in this application due to both the low dielectric of the process medium and dry sulfur buildup. In addition, the relatively high temperature (300 °F / 150 °C) and the corrosive properties of the molten sulfur increased the demands for service and maintenance.

Application Solution

The MAGNETROL Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar transmitter provides accurate and reliable level measurements in difficult process conditions. When compared to other technologies, the ECLIPSE requires less maintenance and does not need calibration. To ensure the maximum accuracy and reliability, MAGNETROL equipped the Model 706 with a Model 7YF single-rod probe.

Before the ECLIPSE was accepted as the molten sulfur pit level control device, it was tested and monitored. Plant operators using the manual hand-dipped method checked each measurement made by the ECLIPSE. After two weeks of testing, the performance of the ECLIPSE was verified and its application was endorsed.

The single-rod probe performed well despite the problems that can be caused by sulfur buildup or coating. A strong pulse was still detected from the liquid surface despite the buildup.

Reliable level measurement of molten sulfur in a pit is difficult to obtain. The ECLIPSE proved to be an excellent solution for process level control that was not adversely affected by high temperature, probe build-up, or the corrosive properties of the media measured.

More Information

For more information on ECLIPSE guided wave radar and related applications, visit our radar site.