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Case Study: Pulse Burst Radar Controls Acid Level for pH Storage Tank

Customer case studies illustrate how proven Magnetrol® level controls are helping process industries improve the safety of mission-critical applications. This recent customer case study demonstrates that pulse burst radar technology can provide a highly reliable non-contact acid level control solution.

The Challenge
A chemical processing customer had a double-wall pH storage system tank in its facility that required continuous level measurement and the ability to report to the DCS system. To reduce exposure risks for its employees, the company did not want level instrumentation to contact the caustic acid solution contained within the tank; however, there was only about 18 inches of headroom clearance.
The Solution
Plant management agreed to a free demonstration of the Model R82 pulse burst radar transmitter, which has the ability to deliver highly reliable level measurement in tanks that contain caustic liquids. Since headroom clearance is not an issue for this type of level instrumentation, technicians were able to easily install the unit into the 2-inch NPT nozzle on the tank.
The Results
Within minutes, the Model R82 transmitter was providing accurate measurement of the acid level within the pH Storage System Tank. The demonstration convinced management to purchase two Model R82 pulse burst radar transmitters, which have been providing continuous, non-contact level measurement since the day they were installed.