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Customer Case Study: Pulse Burst Radar “Levels” Competition for Chemical Waste Tank Process Control

Our customer case studies illustrate how our proven level and flow controls are helping industry leaders improve the safety of their mission-critical applications. This recent case study demonstrates that pulse burst radar technology can provide a highly reliable level control solution for challenging process applications.

The Challenge
A chemical plant in Upstate New York was experiencing random failures using competitive ultrasonic level transmitters on chemical waste tanks. The units would work for a while and then lose their output. A number of these units had to be sent back to the factory for costly repairs.

The Solution
Plant management contacted Magnetrol® to receive a free evaluation of the Model R82 pulse burst radar device, which has the ability to deliver highly reliable level measurement in the most challenging process conditions. To test the Model R82, the company conducted a side-by-side comparison with its current ultrasonic unit to report outputs during a two-day period.
The Results
The results, as demonstrated on the output chart, were dramatic: the competitive ultrasonic unit’s output “wandered” widely across the chart, while the Model R82 transmitter’s reading held rock solid, showing the moderate increases and decreases in the process level. The evidence convinced management and, within a few weeks, MAGNETROL received an order to replace all old transmitters with Model R82 units.