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Every Level Measurement Matters: A Message from Magnetrol®

What matters when it comes to plant management? That depends on who you ask.

For a manager in a busy oil refinery, the most important goal might be increasing production and reducing downtime. For an engineer trying to solve multilayer interface challenges, the answer might be accurate, reliable measurements across the entire process flow. For the utilities director at a chemical plant, the focus might be on reducing fuel costs, increasing efficiency and saving the plant significant money.

Despite these differences in emphasis, there’s one thing all of these situations have in common. Accurate, reliable level measurement is a key component of every operation. In short, no matter who you are or what your industry produces, level matters.

Level Matters Out in the Field

Here at Magnetrol®, we’re very familiar with the impact that accurate, reliable level measurement has on an industry. Our level experts are in the field every day, and they see firsthand how much level matters in plants across the process industries and around the world. We listen to and learn from the complex needs and challenges of our customers—like we did on our visit to the second largest oil refinery in California.

Because of our research and experience in a variety of industries, we’re able to provide deeper level measurement application experience in the challenges you face every day. Our portfolio is broad and extensive, which gives us the capabilities to recommend a solution that meets your individual needs and applications. We’re not a one-size-fits-all business—our suggestions are tailor-made to your specifications.

Level Matters in Your Community

The importance of level goes well beyond production, however. Accurate level measurement is key to preventing accidents and spills, protecting your plant, employees, brand and community from harm. Level matters when it comes to reliability, too, whether it’s ensuring your plant runs smoothly when no one’s on site or eliminating costly downtime. In many industries, good level measurement is the difference between an expensive, wasteful operation and an energy-efficient one. Level matters as a key part of a system that doesn’t just function, but also flourishes.

Level Matters to Magnetrol

For MAGNETROL, level measurement has always been a great strength. We realize that what’s most important to customers is not an individual product or service, but the way it helps provide the measurements that are essential to their industries.

Our new brand takes this focus and makes it our rallying cry going forward. You’ll see this commitment reflected in our new logo and tagline, our revitalized web presence, and all of our communications. We sum it all up in a simple phrase: Level matters.

At MAGNETROL, we understand all the ways that level matters to your business. That’s why it matters to us. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you tackle your most important level measurement.