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Hurricane Ida aftermath

The spirit and resiliency of Louisianians is legendary. Every year, from late May to early December, the potential for the most devastating natural disaster on earth can bear down on this stretch of the gulf coast.

Hurricane Ida—the second-most damaging and intense hurricane to strike Louisiana on record and tied for the strongest landfall in the state by maximum winds—has wreaked destruction throughout the state. In the wake of the devastation, the people of Louisiana stand undaunted. Undaunted in their willingness to help their neighbors; Undaunted in their resolve to rebuild; Undaunted in their determination to overcome the challenges ahead.

Orion Instruments, born on this legendary gulf coast and a proud Louisiana business is honored to call Louisiana home. The dedication and willingness of the employees of Orion to resume building the world's #1 MLI for our customers has been humbling to experience.

While our thoughts, efforts and best wishes are going out to those devastated by Ida and are foremost in our minds and hearts, we are also here to let all Orion customers know that we are open for business, focused on meeting our commitments and proud to serve our customers worldwide.

Please consider a donation to a charity of your choice to support those impacted by Ida. No one stands so tall as when they offer a hand to help somebody else.