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Learn About Optimizing Steam Drum Level Control With Magnetrol® at POWER-GEN International

The large-scale integration of renewable technologies into the energy mix and climate change mitigation has fundamentally changed the day-to-day operation of combined cycle and conventional fossil fired boiler power plants. As a result, the vulnerabilities of traditional level technologies to the dynamic process conditions of a steam drum during fast starts or cycling events have a more profound effect on a plant’s ability to respond to market demands or to the shortfall of renewable assets. High-quality, reliable steam drum level control is increasingly important to address these issues.

Although the mainstay of steam drum level control for decades, traditional technologies are not well suited for the wide range of process conditions within a steam drum that may be experienced during load swings throughout the course of a day. 

In one instance, the technology involves an excessive number of variables to resolve the level measurement equation that present avenues for potential error, while another oversimplifies the measurement such that operators have limited visibility to conditions within the steam drum – relative to today’s technology standards.

The Destination for Optimization

Magnetrol® will be hosting a pre-conference workshop for POWER-GEN International entitled “Optimizing Steam Drum Level Control for Improved Performance.” At this workshop, MAGNETROL business manager Donald Hite will detail the advancements in Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology relative to steam drum level control and how these advancements remedy the host of issues plants experience from both operational and performance points of view. Hite is a recognized expert in the field. He has over 30 years of instrumentation and industry experience and is familiar with technologies both old and new and how they impact power plant efficiency.

This workshop is a great fit for plant instrumentation & control engineers, performance & reliability engineers, design engineers, fleet engineers and instrumentation & control technicians.

Topics covered in the workshop will include:

  • Simplifying your steam drum level measurement equation
  • Leveraging today’s technology to improve steam drum level control and plant performance metrics:  availability, reliability, heat rate and dispatch response
  • Managing controllable losses through improved visibility to steam drum dynamics
  • Minimizing hardware complexity
  • Eliminating calibration as a factor in instrumentation performance
  • Hardware and controls implementation: existing plant & new build
  • Implementation cost analysis
  • ASME BPVC Section 1

The workshop will take place on Monday, December 4 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in room N234 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

If you’re attending POWER-GEN International, don’t miss out on this pre-conference workshop and an opportunity to learn about better instrumentation for steam drum level control. Register today—we hope to see you there!