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Level Measurement Solutions for Lubricant Oil Tanks

The friction involved in working machines can cause wear and tear throughout power generation plants. Generators and gas turbines will have integral lubricating systems to prevent damage caused by excessive friction. Often a portion of the lubricant oil is used in the hydraulic oil systems for hydraulic control devices.

Lubricating oil is typically stored in integral stainless steel and carbon steel tanks that are monitored for level. A generator gearbox lubricant oil system may have a reservoir with a capacity of 3,000 gallons and a turbine oil system may have a reservoir with a capacity of 150 gallons. 

Magnetrol® has produced an applications brochure for the power and utilities industry detailing measurement challenges and solutions for each step of the power generation process. This blog post is part of an occasional series exploring each application in detail.

Level Measurement Challenges and Considerations

Adequate level monitoring of lubricant oil reservoirs will ensure the proper functioning of turbines, electrical generators and other equipment with integral lubrication systems. If the level runs low, it could impede the proper operation of this equipment. Level instrumentation selected to measure lubricant oil tanks must be able to precisely detect changes in level.

Level Measurement Solutions

MAGNETROL has produced level measurement solutions for lubricant oil tanks:

  • Tuffy® II float-actuated switches


  • Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar transmitter or Pulsar® Model R86 non-contact radar transmitter
  • Echotel® Model 355 non-contact ultrasonic transmitter

More Information

For more information on level measurement solutions for lubricant oil tanks or other power generation applications, download the power generation brochure.