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Today marks the first post of Magnetrol’s new blog.  Rather than write a lengthy introduction, let’s answer a few of the obvious questions readers might have regarding this new endeavor.

Why did Magnetrol start a blog?

With over 80 years of experience in the level and flow instrumentation industry, Magnetrol has the unique ability to provide a truly specialized perspective and expertise in a variety of areas.  The blog format allows for people to obtain that knowledge easily and for the content to be archived in a central location.

What should I expect from Magnetrol’s blog?

Our mission is to be the customer’s preferred partner in the global supply of level and flow control solutions.  Therefore, you can expect to find information on a regular basis that is fresh and relevant to people who deal with process control instrumentation.  It will be in a format that is easy and enjoyable to read as well as easy to find.

What’s in it for me, the reader?

Magnetrol has a rich tradition of being a customer-centered, family-oriented company.  That makes blogging the perfect format for those of us at Magnetrol with extensive knowledge in the application of level and flow measurement technology to connect with people who are interested.  Not only will readers get outstanding content that is current and relevant, but they will also enjoy an experience that makes Magnetrol unique from its competitors; our people.

How do I stay connected?

There are several ways to do this.  Today, not only did we launch our blog with RSS Feed capability to push directly to your e-mail inbox, we also officially launched our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sites.  Although these pages, sites and accounts have existed in the past, you can expect new content to be added on a regular basis giving you the most current information from Magnetrol.