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Magnetrol® – Preferred Partner for 80 Years

For 80 years Magnetrol® has been recognized as the worldwide leader in process level and flow measurement instrumentation.  It began with the need for a simple mechanical level switch and today is a catalog of innovative and robust products like ECLIPSE® Guided Wave Radar.  However, Magnetrol is more than just great products, it is also a company dedicated to serving customers.  Our VisionTo be the customers’ preferred partner in the global supply of level and flow control solutions, is published and can be found at  For many, this comes as no surprise.  However, for those of you who are either new to Magnetrol or just interested in learning more about us, please read on.

An Initiative is Born. 

Eight decades ago, Magnetrol’s founders developed a more reliable instrument for liquid level control than was prevalent with the technology of the day. By combining a buoyancy device with the operating principle of magnetic-coupling, the first “Magnetrol” was born. This product performed so reliably for so many new applications that within a decade it became the technological foundation for a broad line of magnetically-operated level controls.

International Growth.

When Judy Stevenson became the president and CEO of Magnetrol in the 1970s, the initiative to innovate quickened. An expansion into new markets, new technologies and international operations would double – then double again – the company’s size. Today, with its products serving process industries in over 100 countries, Magnetrol is positioned as a market leader. To find a local manufacturing location or sales representative, visit our local sales page.

Aligned Technologies.

Growth for Magnetrol has also come about through the acquisition of companies with aligned technologies. Introtek, acquired in 1986, makes ultrasonic instrumentation for medical, biotechnology and military applications. Magnetrol has acquired a line of ultrasonic level and flow products.  Today, these products marketed under Magnetrol Environmental specialize in designs for the municipal water-treatment industry.  Recognizing the need for a world class producer of Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI’s), Magnetrol created a completely new company with operations in the very heart of North America’s petrochemical industry. Orion MLI’s are designed specifically for the most demanding challenges in level measurement and control.

Sustaining Innovation.

Innovation is a prized resource at Magnetrol. It’s sustained by programs that recognize and reward initiative and creativity. Our people nourish innovation through superior engineering, by manufacturing to the highest standards of excellence, and by truly listening to our customers. It’s upon these peoples’ strengths that we build every day.

Diverse Technology for Diverse Applications.

Our customers’ process environments are complex, dynamic, and ever-changing places. Among them you’ll find the most demanding environments on our planet. To address these diverse control needs, Magnetrol offers the broadest range of technological solutions adapted to level and flow control. Without a one-technology bias to restrict them, your Magnetrol representative can provide the best solution for each individual control requirement. Though our company’s early reputation was based upon float and displacer controls, Magnetrol has been on the leading-edge in adapting newer technologies and control systems to process control applications. These include R.F. capacitance, ultrasound and guided wave radar level transmitters.

Adaptable Products.

Products within each technology group are highly versatile and adaptable for the simple reason there are no “stock” process environments. Customers will find choices in instrumentation that fulfill the specific requirements of their process.

Total Solutions.

Though all Magnetrol products are designed to meet or exceed our customers’ process and control requirements, they are also engineered for long-term value. Ultimately, we seek solutions that reduce operating costs and improve productivity. Our goal, in fact, is to create solutions that extend all the way to our customers’ bottom line to provide them with a maximum return on their investment.