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Magnetrol® Sales Training School Takes a Sharp Customer-Centric Approach

From May 20th to 24th, 2018, Magnetrol® welcomed new sales representatives from all over the world to their biannual sales training school. Located at the Aurora, Illinois headquarters, representatives came to the school from as far away as Japan and as nearby as Iowa.   

This one-week intensive training has been a staple of the MAGNETROL sales strategy for many years. New reps have the opportunity to visit MAGNETROL and meet associates and leaders. Training class material is broken down into subsections, such as technologies, tools, and value propositions. Training schools take place all across the world, wherever MAGNETROL has a presence, but every school has the goal of equipping salespeople with all the tools they need.

In the past, these training schools have focused on the specifics of MAGNETROL technology. Sales reps learned how to talk extensively about the details of different products, and sales tactics were geared toward displaying the catalog of MAGNETROL instrumentation. The more chances to speak about product, the better. But recently, MAGNETROL sales training has undergone an important shift in focus.

MAGNETROL leaders realized that successful sales programs are driven by responsiveness to customer needs. Without the ability to speak to customer pain points and understand the complexities of the industry, companies are often ignored by potential customers. To help facilitate this meaningful interaction, MAGNETROL adjusted the focus of the sales training school.

Rather than simply learning the features of the product, sales reps are being trained on how to sell the most up-to-date application-based solutions. They learned the latest issues and developments in the process industries and how MAGNETROL can help customers manage some of their most difficult measurement challenges. As a result, MAGNETROL reps are experts on efficiency, safety, and addressing customer pain points. The big question they’re always asking is: how can these products benefit the customer?

MAGNETROL recognizes that a company is only as great as its service to customers. With the new focus for the sales training school, we hope that our entire company is better equipped to help meet all customer needs, from simple to complex. For more information on our portfolio of level measurement solutions, contact us today.