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Articles on Power generation

Jul 25, 2017

Level Measurement for Your Hotwell

The hotwell is an important part of the turbine cycle and plays a role in determining the overall operating cost of a power plant as well as its ability to respond to fluctuations in electricity demand. It serves as a water reservoir for steam condensate coming from the condenser – a valuable resource when considering the cost associated with the treatment of make-up water.
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A comprehensive hotwell level solution incorporating a modular instrumentation bridle on a single set of process connections with redundant level controls and high/low level alarming
Jul 6, 2017

Level Measurement Solutions for Ammonia Storage

Vaporized ammonia is used in catalytic and noncatalytic reduction systems for emissions control in power plants. Ammonia is injected into the flue gas stream and acts as a reducing agent. The EPA mandates the reduction and control of these emissions, and ammonia is a key part of ensuring that a power plant is in compliance with EPA regulations. It is also used to enhance precipitator efficiency for particulate control. In order to keep the supply of ammonia readily available for usage and avoid spillage or accidents, a robust ammonia storage system with accurate level measurement must be in place.
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An ammonia storage tank at a power plant.
Jun 13, 2017

Level Measurement Solutions for Fuel Oil Storage

In coal-fired power plants, fuel-fed igniters initiate the boiler flame and start the combustion process. Most power plants use natural gas or atomized fuel oils such as light grade #2 or heavy grade #6. Natural gas and propane can also be used. In combined-cycle plants, gas turbines often use natural gas and liquid fuel oils as ignition fuel. Large gas turbines are designed to operate alternately or simultaneously with both gas and liquid fuels. In dual-fuel plants, a False Start Tank will temporarily hold diesel fuel after an unsuccessful attempt to fire the turbine. Plants may have several fuel oil storage tanks for different purposes such as these.
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Fuel oil storage tanks
May 23, 2017

Level Measurement Solutions for Natural Gas Separators

Natural gas separators remove solid particles and liquids from a continuous gas stream supply. Dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale as well as water, natural gas liquids and light hydrocarbons can be removed. Removing these substances from the natural gas supply creates a more refined product and protects downstream process equipment from malfunctioning.
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Natural gas separators in the field.
Apr 11, 2017

Level Measurement Solutions for Coal Storage and Containment

Although some power plants are now fueled by renewable energy sources, coal-fired power plants are still a staple of the power industry. One important aspect of managing a coal-fired plant is ensuring safe coal storage.
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A coal storage facility.
Nov 15, 2016

There’s No Debate: It Pays to Take Control of Your Heat Rate

In this election year, two hot-button issues have been energy efficiency and cost control. Politicians on a local and national level have argued over the challenges these topics present in today’s business climate.
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Eclipse Model 706 Guided Wave Radar