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Aug 23, 2016

Optimizing Plant Energy Management to Increase Efficiency

When it comes to plant energy management, the ability to better monitor combustion air, fuel gas flow and compressed air can help identify losses that over short periods of time can affect profitability. Regardless of the scale of an operation, any improvements in efficiency to purchased fuel and electricity consumption drop directly to a company’s bottom line.
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Magnetrol TA2 thermal mass flow meter in the field
Jun 7, 2016

Displacer Level Transmitter Technology Provides Reliable Measurement

For liquid level measurement in challenging process operations, displacer level transmitter technology is a safe, reliable solution.
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The E3 Modulevel displacer transmitter
May 24, 2016

The Advantages of Range Spring/LVDT Technology For Level Measurement

One of the most trusted devices for continuous liquid level measurement remains the displacer level transmitter.
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range spring/LVDT accuracy vs. Torque Tube
May 17, 2016

Vulnerabilities in Boiler and Steam Drum Level Control Technology

Technologies historically used for boiler and steam drum level control rely on inference or buoyancy to determine the level. This in itself leaves them vulnerable to process dynamics (specific gravity, pressure, temperature, etc.) or limits their ability to precisely manage the level for improved fuel economy.
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The hardware and calibration complexity and vulnerability to process conditions introduce additional costs and potential errors in any given level measurement technology.
May 10, 2016

A Lower-Cost Radar Level Transmitter Monitors Tough Applications

Radar technology is preferred by many in the process industry for its reliability and accuracy, but the high cost of a radar level transmitter is often prohibitive.
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The Model R82 radar transmitter
Apr 26, 2016

Determining The Right Radar Level Measurement Device for Your Application

In a recent article for Industrial Products Process and Technology Magazine (IPP&T), Magnetrol® Global Product Manager Bob Botwinski discusses how guided wave radar (GWR) and non-contact radar can work together to provide reliable level measurement.
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