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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Instrumentation Revives Transformer Sumps

A Magnetrol® Applications Study:
A key regional energy company owns a large coal-fired electric generating facility in the Midwest, with seven coal-fired units creating a total of 2,220 megawatts. The facility was part of the company’s massive environmental retrofit projects, an undertaking that included new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) equipment, all of which will greatly reduce nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.

For the project’s transformer sump level monitoring, competitive non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter units were installed. But it wasn’t long before Magnetrol® received a call from the energy company saying that several applications with the competitor’s ultrasonic transmitters were not working consistently. Our customer informed us that they wanted replacement units that were both 120 VAC-powered and loop-powered. The Echotel® Models 335 and 355 ultrasonic level transmitter units were put to the test.

After demonstrating key features of the two ECHOTEL units, we toured the plant for a closer look at the applications. Each of our competitor’s transmitters showed loss-of-echo on their display. There was nothing particularly unusual about the application other than the presence of a slight surface agitation. The level range was less than ten feet (3m).

The ECHOTEL 335 was trialed so that the customer could gauge performance in the most demanding applications. The no-obligation trial lasted two weeks. After that period of time, the customer confirmed the ECHOTEL transmitter worked without a single loss of echo during the entire trial. The customer immediately ordered three Model 335s and two Model 355s. The units have been installed and are working fine.

The success at this large coal-fired plant has carried over to other plants owned by the energy company. Currently, dozens of ECHOTEL ultrasonic transmitters are helping this customer generate over 20,000 MW. The power industry is second only to the municipal industry for sales of ECHOTEL non-contact loop- and line-powered transmitters.