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Orion® Instruments has a rich tradition of being a customer-centered, family-oriented company.  That makes blogging the perfect format for those of us at Orion with extensive knowledge in the application of level and flow measurement technology to connect with people who are interested.  Not only will readers get outstanding content that is current and relevant, but they will also enjoy an experience that makes Orion unique from its competitors, our people.

Jun 20, 2019

Finding the Hidden Profits in Steam Generation

Optimizing the steam generation cycle can have a major impact on cost and efficiency in the process industries. Learn more in this blog post.
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steam generation
Jun 4, 2019

Level Measurement Solutions for Clean-in-Place Skids

Clean-in-place skids enable cleaning of hygienic process equipment without disassembly. Learn more about level measurement solutions for clean-in-place skids.
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May 14, 2019

Level Measurement Solutions for Ammonia Vaporization Skids

Ammonia vaporization is crucial to provide usable ammonia to many industries. Learn how level measurement solutions can help manage ammonia vaporization skids.
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ammonia vaporization
Apr 30, 2019

Magnetostrictive Technology Helps Refinery Measure Liquid-Liquid Interface

Magnetrol® helped a refinery in Germany find more accurate level measurement for a liquid-liquid interface. Read more about the solution they discovered.
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Jupiter JM4
Apr 23, 2019

Level Measurement Solutions for Flare Knockout Drums

Flare knockout drums remove dangerous liquids from waste gases before the flaring process. Learn more about level measurement solutions for flare knockout drums.
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flare knockout drums
Apr 16, 2019

Level Measurement Solutions for Waste Compressor Liquid

Waste compressor liquids are stored in tanks once they are removed from the natural gas flow. Learn more about level measurement solutions for these storage tanks.
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compressor liquid