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Liquid nutritional supplement

Level Measurement of a liquid nutritional supplement in a vessel that feeds a reservoir on a filling machine.


Level was being measured by a competitors capacitance probe. The vessel is a tall narrow tube that feeds product to a high speed filling machine. Product enters the vessel through a side-mounted tee connection. The measurement was unreliable, resulting in improperly filled containers. This resulted in lost production and time while certain containers did not meet spec.
After examining the application, we concluded that the fluid entering through the tee connection was splashing against the probe, thus giving false level readings.


This was a perfect application for an Eclipse Model 705 with the coaxial probe. Since the measurement is made entirely within the probe, it is unaffected by splashing or any disturbance outside the probe. Additionally, the fluid is not viscous so that did not cause a concern.
An Eclipse with coaxial probe was installed, configured with PACTware™ and worked perfectly from day one. The level measurement was accurate and reliable.

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