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Modular Instrumentation Bridle

At a time when cost-effective level control solutions are paramount in the process industry, Orion Instruments introduces the Modular Instrumentation Bridle (MIB). Our unique approach to complementing a vessel with the appropriate instrumentation and control technologies goes beyond simply offering bolt-on level, flow, high/low level cutoff switching, etc. to a multitude of process connections. 
At Orion Instruments, we consider all level control needs as they affect overall costs of the project as well as performance of the specified measurement technologies. The engineering and design aspects of any vessel, along with how best to incorporate the instrumentation package, substantially reduces cost and improves performance in a variety of areas including vessel design, lower construction costs, installation and commissioning, reliability and long-term maintenance.

A New Perspective on the Benefits of a Bridle

Reduces the number of process connections required on an ASME vessel, in turn, lowering engineering, design and construction costs of the vessel.

Transfers potential leak points from costly, direct-to-vessel connections to the less expensive MIB. The MIB can be removed, repaired, and pressure tested independent of the vessel.

Simplifies the design and implantation of more comprehensive level and control solutions on critical applications/vessels with a minimum number of process connections.

Isolates the level measurement from vessel process dynamics, internal obstructions, and fill/drain lines providing a much more stable indication, while at the same time minimizing startup and commissioning time.


Available construction codes include: ASME Section VIII U, UM, S-Stamp, B31.1, B31.3, NACE
Broad range of configuration styles with in-house 3D modeling
Multiple connection types available ANSI and DIN flanges, NPT forgings and fittings
Wide array of construction materials


Chemical Storage
Industrial boilers
Oil water separators (interface application)
Flash drums
Surge tanks
Gas Chillers

Accessories available for Integration

Magnetic Level Indicators (MLIs)
Buoyancy level switches
Level transmitters
Sight glass level indicators
Isolation valves, high temperature insulation, cryogenic insulation

Advantages of the MIB

An MIB offers the ability to integrate multiple instruments into a single system, thus eliminating the need for multiple process connections to the vessel. All required instrumentation that will be connected to the MIB can be installed and configured by Orion Instruments, creating an integrated product that is installation-ready out of the box.

Furthermore, the MIB offers extreme customization. The bridle will be manufactured per the customer's specifications in a variety of available materials. The wide application envelope includes high pressure, high temperature, and high media corrosivity. Some of the instruments that can be mounted to the bridle include magnetic level indicators, guided wave radar transmitters, point level switches, temperature/pressure measurement devices, buoyancy level switches and displacer type transmitters. All of these can be provided with isolation valves to assist with maintenance efforts and thus reducing down time.