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At Orion Instruments®, we provide our customer with a global service offer to reduce lead time, increase efficiency of day-to-day operation and improve your instrument productivity.

Reducing Product Lead Times

Orion Instruments is dedicated to reducing product lead times through ongoing efficiency initiatives and strategic inventory management. OrionXpress is available for select product configurations and will allow your product to ship within five weeks of placing the order.
Click HERE to download the OrionXpress information.

Terms and Conditions

Orion Instruments products are warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship. A standard 3-year warranty applies to the chamber and float. A standard 18-month warranty applies to visual indication, electronic products and insulation.
Click HERE to download the Terms and Conditions.


24/7 Customer Support Available

Orion Instruments offers around-the-clock customer support pertaining to any technical issues. Prior to contacting Orion for support of an existing purchase, it is recommended but not required, to have the serial numbers of the device available for ease of troubleshooting. For your reference, serial numbers are located on the red data plates on the Chamber or Transmitter. They are also available in our transmitters when communicating via HART on PACTware or Handhelds in the Factory settings. For information regarding contacting one of our support associates, please send your inquiry to