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Spirit storage level measurement and agitator control

Guided Wave Radar for Spirit Storage Level Measurement and Agitator Control.


The customer needs a reliable and SIL certified level measurement device to accurately measure the level in his spirit storage vessel to prevent the liquid level being allowed to drop below the agitator point. Another requirement is to stop manual, twice daily, “dipping” of the vessel to improve inventory control and remove lone working (in a hazardous area) health and safety issues.


Magnetrol supplied, segmented, coax probes to enable easy handling and installation for the customer. We also used enhanced electronics to provide the required SIL rating for the measurement system.

The probes were installed effortlessly and, because they were pre-calibrated, commissioning, of all 5 systems, was completed in less than 1 hour. The measurement has proven to be extremely reliable as it is completely unaffected by external factors within the vessel - such as the filling stream and product agitation. This has provided our customer with considerable installation and commissioning cost savings as well as long term cost benefits in no longer having to rely on manual “dipping”, improved inventory control and removal of lone working (in a hazardous area) health and safety issues.